Educational Psychology Laboratory 



The Laboratory is well equipped with latest tests, tools, inventories and equipments for B.Ed. and M.Ed. curriculum requirements.


 The laboratory is used for imparting training in the administration, scoring and interpretation of at least 5 tests to B.Ed students. M.Ed students are given training in the conduct of ten practical related to memory, fatigue, learning etc. as per GNDU syllabus. The laboratory is also used by M.Ed and Ph.D scholars for selecting and obtaining research tools.  


The tests in the Laboratory are:

Name of variable - No. Of Tests 

Intelligence Tests - 27

Aptitude Tests - 12

Creativity Tests -  08

Achievement Tests - 02

Maturity/Learning/Perception/Interest Tests  - 23

Mental Health Inventories - 06

Maturity/Development Tests - 06

Teacher   Tests - 13

Social Aspect of Personality Tests -13

Socio Economic Status Tests - 03

Environment/Climate Tests- 10

Educational Administration -04

Personality Tests - 31

Motivation Tests -04

Aspiration Tests - 3

Attitude Scale - 03

Locus of Control - 04

Anxiety Tests - 09

Self Concept Tests - 03


Thinking Style-02

Parental Behaviour-03

Social aspects of Personality-03

Pre-Adolescents-09 (Battery 1)



Job Satisfaction-03


Socio Economic Status-05


Mental Health-09



Educational Technology Laboratory



Educational Technology Laboratory is well equipped with latest equipments for facilitating Teaching-learning process and training purposes. There is a attached demonstration room which has got tables with demonstration place on its three sides. These multi purpose tables are used for preparing visuals and for the display of Teaching Aids.

  • B.Ed students are trained in handling various equipments available in the laboratory.

  • Students are encouraged to prepare transparencies etc.

  • Demonstrations are given for modeling CAI concept.

  • Equipments are invariably used during Workshops,    Extension lectures, Conference, Presentation programmes etc  in the College Hall, Conference room, and classrooms.

  • Educational CD’s are shown to the students.

  • Students are given training in practicing Skills of Teaching through Micro Teaching.

The Audio-Visual Material in the Laboratory is as follows:

Audio Visual Material - No.

CDs - 57

Video Cassettes - 79

Slides - 13 sets

Audio Cassettes - 8

Maps/ Charts - 117

Records - 46 pc



Science Laboratory



 The Science Laboratory is well equipped with the requisite facilities and equipments as per NCTE norms on desirable lines. The college has a well equipped science laboratory with three big demonstration tables, charts and models, and apparatus required for conducting science practicals of school level. It has an epidiascope and a overhead projector also.


 This laboratory is utilized for conducting theory and practical classes both for teaching of physical sciences and life sciences. The curriculum of teaching of science requires intensive training in conducting practicals in science at high school level. To achieve this objective, the students are given training in conducting at least 10 practicals each in physical sciences and life sciences as prescribed in the school syllabi. 


The laboratory is planned in such a way that the contents of theory are substantiated by the charts and models placed in the laboratory, to concretize the phenomena of sciences in the minds of learners. This laboratory is also utilized for giving demonstration lessons in teaching of physical sciences and life sciences to the students.


Art Laboratory


  • Workshop for fabricating teaching Aids and art exhibits. This lab is used for three purposes

  • Conducting lectures for teaching of fine art and preparation of Paintings by the students of teaching of fine art.

  • For providing training in preparation of articles prescribed in the syllabus of Home craft.

  • For guiding and improving the teaching aids.

The art teacher purchases canvas, oil colours, pastel colours, enamel colours, brushes, pots, linseed oil, easels and books every year for providing training in the preparation of paintings. Material for art activities and home craft activities is purchased by the students at their own level.



Computer Laboratory



Institution has a well equipped Computer Laboratory, which caters to the needs of  M.Ed. and B.Ed students  and teachers. There are twenty multimedia computers and other equipments like Printer, Scanner etc. in the Computer Laboratory. In addition to this, there is one computer in college office, one in Library and one in Technology Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory is used for multifarious purposes.

  • It is used for giving orientation about computers to B.ED students for paper E1 ICT Integration in Pedagogy.

  • The services of the Laboratory are extensively utilized by the Research scholars and faculty for learning computers, the preparation of presentations, designing of Project Reports etc.

  • The laboratory is open for accessing internet by all the teachers and all the students of the college.


The equipments of Computer Laboratory are:

  1. Computers - 22

  2. Canon Laser Printer - 01

  3. Colured Printer -01

  4. Scanner -01


Networking of Computers

The college is sensitized towards computerization and has developed networking of computers in different locations.

  • Computer Laboratory is fully networked  for File and Printer Sharing and Internet Purposes

  • Principal’s Room, Educational Technology Laboratory, College Office, College Hall, College Library and Staff Room is also networked with Server in Computer Laboratory.

  • There is Broadband Internet Connection for the College