College Clubs

 Red Ribbon Club

 The college constitutes Red Ribbon Club every year. The strength of the club is fifteen active members. This is a Voluntary Aids control on Campus Intervention Programme to cover young people in campus as well as in community.

Objectives of the Club: 

  • To reduce new HIV infection among youth by raising their risk perception through proper education on sex and sexuality and HIV/AIDS by acquiring new skill on communication, self protection, negotiation, care and support and effect group interaction.
  • To prepare the youth as per educators and agents to change by developing their skill on leadership and team building.

    List of Proposed Activities under Red Ribbon Club

In order to achieve the above stated objectives the following activities are proposed for session 2019-2020

  • Inter-House Competition such as

o   Art Competition

o   Declamation Contest

o   Quiz

o   Debate

  •  Aids awareness Rally
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Visit to places which are working for AIDS awareness for example Science City, Red Cross Bhawan,  Red Ribbon Express etc. 

 Youth Red Cross Unit (YRC)

Youth Red Cross Unit is formed in the college every year. Number of Executive Members of YRC unit are between 15 to 25 .


     Objectives of the YRC :

  • Service to society
  • Promotion of National and International friendship.
  • Social Awareness through eradication of social evils.
  • Promotion of Health and Hygiene and First aid Training
  • Protection of Environment and Disaster Management Training.

     List of Proposed Activities under YRC UNIT

  • Organizing First Aid Training Camp for promotion of Hygiene. Conducting Poster making, Slogan writing, Essay Writing, Competitions on the theme of National and International friendship. Visit to Juvenile Home and Red Cross School for developing Social Awareness towards these children.

 NSS Unit

The NSS unit of the college is formed every year which consists of more than 100 volunteers. The unit conducts one day camps as well as ten days camp every year.


Objectives of N.S.S. and Community Services :

  • To create a feeling of belongingness with the members of society.
  • To Inculcate a sense of Responsibility towards the society.
  • To equip the volunteers with understanding of Hygienic Environment.
  • To enable the volunteers to put their efforts in making their Environment  healthy.
  • To make the volunteers enable to interact with the weaker sections of the society.
  • To enable the volunteers to understand the needs of the weaker sections of the society.
  • To enable the volunteers to organize such kind of social services in near future also.
  • To enable the volunteers to become an effective teacher who has an association with the society.

List of Proposed  Activities  under NSS UNIT

  • Cleanliness drive
  • One day N .S.S. Camp
  • Seven days N.S.S. Camp
  • First Aid Training
  • Survey in the weaker sections of society
  • Visits to orphanage home
  •  Pulse Polio Drive
  • Lectures on burning issues of society
  • Rallies
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Medical Checkup Camp
  • Tree Plantation
  • Cultural Activities spreading Awareness in the society

 Health Club

College has well established gymnasium for health maintenance.

 Objectives of Health Club :

  • To inculcate health related knowledge among the students
  • To develop a desirable Health attitude among the students.
  • To motivate the students to acquire healthy habits in their lives.
  • To guide them actively to develop desirable Health Practices.
  • To develop physical and emotional aspect of the students
  • To equip the students with understanding of better human relationships, particularly from  the stand  point of health.
  • To make the students responsible about the society in respect to health.
  • To enable the future teachers to identify health related problems among their students.
  • To enable the students to take appropriate steps during the occurrence of any health related problem  among their students.
  • To provide health counselling and guidance services.
  • To help the students to achieve deeper insight into the nature of Social Relationships and family life. 

List of Proposed Activities  under Health Club

  • Regular Medical Checkup
  • Keeping records of height/weight and other health parameters like B.P./HB/sugar level
  • Preparation of Diet Charts.
  • Lectures by health experts.
  • First Aid Training
  • First Aid Box Preparation  

 Cultural Activity Club

Cultural  Activity Club has been formed for the achievement of following objectives:

  • Development of personality
  • Emotional maturity
  • Cultural transmission
  • Recognizing diversity among cultures
  • Enhancing self confidence, mutual co-operation

Following activities are planned by the club:

  •  Talent Hunt 
  •  Inter College Competitions
  •  Inter House Competions and for various 
  •  Preparation and pesentation of cultural items during college events.



Literary Club


  • Developing communicationn skills and enabling students to think spontaneously.
  • Boosting positive habits like reading and independent reserach.
  • Preparing students to work in global community by reflecting upon social political and moral uses.
  • Analysing issues and coming up with solutions.
  • To act as positive catalyst  for upgrading & sharpening skills viz. listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

List of Proposed Activities under Literary Club:

  • Poetical recitation competition
  • Debate Competition
  • Extempore
  • Guest lecturers ( related to cultural and literary developments of differnt langauages)
  • Slogan Writing Competition.